Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of orders are produced and dispatched within 10 business days.

Over 90% of late items arrive within 3 business days of their due date.

If your item hasn't been delivered as expected and you’re concerned it’s missing or lost, the first thing to do is check delivery times to see when it should be received: view domestic delivery times

If you've calculated the estimated due date and it has passed, please visit missing mail items for a few other things you can check.

While every endeavor will be made to ensure that your order will be produced and dispatched within 10 business days from receiving your order, delivery delays may be experienced. If you wish to purchase products for a special event, you should ensure that the order is placed early enough to allow sufficient time for the order to be fulfilled to meet the date of your event.

We will reproduce colour from your submitted photograph file as closely as possible but cannot exactly match colour and density because of limitations in the printing process, monitor calibration, and image resolution requirements. You most likely won't notice this kind of colour shift in a colour photograph. It is more likely to happen if you pick a very rich, vibrant colour for a background or some other element of your layout.

Keep in mind our high-quality commercial canvas printing process utilizes CMYK colours, unlike monitors which use RGB.

RGB Colours
(what you see on screen)

CMYK Colours
(how printer ink may appear)

Sometimes photos can be over-saturated or under-exposed with colours based on the conversion from RGB to CMYK for printing. Also, since canvas is such a porous material it accepts colours and inks differently than flat photo paper and how your monitor represents colour.

Please allow 1.5 – 2 inches for the canvas wrap. If something is cut off or wrapped around the sides that you wish to include in your canvas, you may want to edit your photo using our cropping tool or upload a different photo.

Your image will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas stretcher bar. Make sure the main subject of your photo is within the red border (front of your canvas) and that none of the important elements are located too close to the edges, as shown here.

Please note: As you change the canvas size, be sure to check out the wrapping preview again as it will change based on the size selected.

For further assistance, please Submit a Request to our customer support team.

By adding a floating frame, a perception of depth is created by the shadow around your photo. This is the same technique that Art Galleries have used for years to draw additional attention to their stunning works of art. The lighting creates a dramatic effect and calls attention to the image in a sophisticated way. Similarly, our floating frames will let your photo speak for itself, providing a professional and polished finishing touch. Frames are available for all gallery wrapped canvas sizes.

If your resolution does not meet the product requirements you will be notified with the pop-up below:

Photo specifications

  • File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMPand TIFF.
  • Minimum file size: for best results a minimum file size of 1MB is recommended.
  • Maximum file size: 30MB
  • Exposure: Photos that are too dark or too light are unsuitable. In some cases you can lighten or darken images yourself before uploading them if you have photo editing software.
  • Orientation: Vertical and horizontal orientation is acceptable.
  • Image DPI: 35 DPI or less may provide poor quality
    36 – 75 DPI generally provides acceptable quality
    76 – 150 DPI generally provides excellent quality
  • Recommended image ratio: 3.4. Alternately you can refer to the guide below
    12 x 16” = 3:4
    14 x 14” = 1:1
    16 x 20” = 4:5
    16 x 24” = 2:3
    16 x 32” = 1:2
    16 x 48” = 1:3
    20 x 30” = 2:3
    24 x 36” = 2:3
    30 x 40” = 3:4
    40 x 60” = 2:3